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Client Testimonials

I recently had the opportunity to work with Danielle in a timeline therapy session, and it was nothing short of transformative. For years, I struggled with burdensome events from my childhood, seeking relief through various forms of therapy without success. My session with Danielle, however, was a breakthrough experience...







I had a Crystal Healing & Reiki Session. I was so impressed with the peaceful and tranquility of the space. Danielle started the session explaining what was expected in detail. I had such an amazing experience beyond my expectations. I could physically feel powerful energy move through my body and I could feel a major shift head to toe! I can’t even begin to write about my experience...


Danielle is absolutely amazing. The difference I not only immediately felt after but since is remarkable. She is truly passionate, personable & caring about her energy work. I have not stopped mentioning our session since & I truly can’t wait to work further in the future. Friends, family & strangers alike, if you are considering if Zen Energy Den will provide a meaningful & beautiful experience…




Danielle introduced me to Reiki & Crystal healing and explained everything clearly. This was a relaxing experience and what she pointed out was spot on. Danielle is very knowledgeable and provided support and guidance to help in my new journey of self discovery and direction for 2024.


I had my first session today with Danielle. She is such a sweet soul. I immediately felt calm, safe and open to the Chakra/Reiki session. She explained everything to me beforehand and made sure I was comfortable. The room was very inviting and serene. She uses essential oils and headphones with whatever type of sound you would like to hear during the session. I fell asleep, but I could feel...


This was my first Chakra healing session so I wasn’t sure I could even allow myself to fully let go. Danielle created an environment of calm, peace and a space free from judgement. Almost immediately I felt myself letting go and opening up to the new experience. If you are like me, and searching for inner peace and becoming more in tune with your internal compass, this is for you. I left feeling grounded and with a heightened sense of awareness. I’m looking forward to seeing signs I’m meant to see both internally and those my spiritual guides are wanting me to pay attention to. Danielle exceeded my expectations with her knowledge and clarity.Thank so much!!!


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