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About Me.

My name is Danielle Lunamari and I am a Board-Certified Life Coach, Board-Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Board-Certified Time Line Therapy Practitioner, Senior Certified HR Professional, Reiki Practitioner and Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner. Over the last twenty years, I have worked in a variety of industries but have found that feel the most intrinsically rewarded in roles that allow me to integrate empathy and creativity with my desire to analyze, strategize and problem solve.

Whether I was mentoring a young professional, providing life coaching to an individual or consulting with a senior executive,  I’ve always seemed to gravitate towards positions that involved elevating and empowering others.

But then tragedy struck in 2022 and I found myself questioning my purpose on this earth. Little did I know that 2023 would be just as difficult. I was not at peace with myself realized that I may not make it in this life unless I got out of my own way. I experienced several life changing events and finally decided I did not want to continue sleepwalking through life.


After embarking on a cathartic journey of self-reflection and transformation, I finally realized that life doesn’t have to be difficult, nor does it have to be complacent. And although America has adopted this “kill yourself culture,” at home and in the workplace, I no longer believe that we have to burn out from both ends and accept that as the norm.


We all have the choice to choose. We control the thoughts have, beliefs we assume, decisions we make and emotions we feel. We have the choice to change the way we think, and it’s my mission to help others see, feel and believe that.

"Bamboo is graceful, upright and strong. Hollow inside, receptive, and humble, it bends with the wind but does not break."

-Diane Dreher | "The Tao of Inner Peace"

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