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At Evolvement Coaching & Consulting LLC, I empower individuals to achieve their fullest potential by overcoming obstacles, enhancing communication, and fostering personal and professional growth. Specializing in Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy & Energy Healing, my holistic approach integrates a unique blend of principles from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy®, and Applied Behavior Analysis. I focus on developing mental resilience, managing stress and anxiety, and cultivating healthier habits to improve overall well-being. I support individuals on a healing journey, to:

  • Overcome Life & Workplace Burnout – So you can integrate balance back into your life.

  • Defeat Procrastination & Improve Productivity – To give you more time to do the things you love.

  • Resolve Martial Conflicts/Intimacy Issues – To strengthen emotional connection, improve communication so you can have a more loving & passionate relationship with your partner/spouse.

  • Provide Behavioral Support to Parents - So you can build stronger connections with your children and family members.

  • Elevate Personal Relationships– In order to feel and experience meaningful, emotional connections.

  • Help You Achieve Your Dream Career– So you can fulfill your unique life purpose.

  • … and so much more!

As a Certified Life Coach, Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Time Line Therapy Practitioner,  Reiki Practitioner, and Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner, I offer holistic coaching for professional and personal growth. With over a decade of experience, I am certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy & NLP & The Time Line Therapy® Association.

Let’s embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, and unlock your potential for a balanced and fulfilling life.


Be The Leader of
Your Life.

We all have the choice to choose. We control the thoughts have, beliefs we assume, decisions we make and emotions we feel. We have the choice to change the way we think, and it’s my mission to help others see, feel and believe that. 

All growth begins by taking a single step.
There's no shame in having a conversation. 


  • Heal Your Relationships

  • Master Your Mindset

  • Take Control of Your Finances

  • Overcome Blocks & Barriers

  • Achieve Emotional Liberation


  • Lose Weight & Quit Smoking

  • Master Stress Management

  • Cultivate Inner Peace

  • Break Unhealthy Habits

  • Escape the Grip of Fear


  • Improve Emotional Well-Being

  • Accelerate Physical Healing

  • Balance Your Mind & Body

  • Enhance Spiritual Growth

  • Break Unhealthy Habits

  • Experience Ultimate Peace

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